The Banks even owens the Justice Department; everyone has a price

The Million Dollar man has stated that everyone has a price and the Banks like Citi mortgage can even buy the department of justice; Please read the letter I have sent over night to the department of so call justice and did not even received a f you response; as we all know no response is a response; thank you department of justice for your help and the direction you pointed me in to get help to save my home. your non response have me wondering how many of you guys or now on the Banks pay roll!

Attorney General of the United States of America

Eric Holder

U.S. Department of Justice Claymont De, 19703
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Dear Mr. Holder
My name is Charles Pickens; I am contacting you because I am in need of your help regarding saving my home from CitiMortgage with yet another predatory loan.
I am a signal Black father 52 years old raising my two sons now 12 and 14 years old; who are both honor roll students; but because of the threat from CitiMortgage to foreclose on our home my sons grades have been dropping in school ;and my disability makes it hard for me to represent myself in Court properly; additionally’ it is almost impossible to retain an attorney that will go against the gallant of a giant CitiMortgage; case in point Mattleman, Weinroth & Miller; (200 Continental Drive, Suite 215 Newark Delaware, 19713) (302) 658.0200 wrote a letter to CitiMortgage on my behalf dated May 14, 2010; informing CitiMortgage that they should be willing to speak to me regarding this mortgage and for some reason the mortgage was place in Mrs. Yvette Pickens name only.
Sometime later; I am not for sure when; CitiMortgage retain this law firm; so when I went back to retain MWM I could not use them any longer because of the conflict of interest; but it is crystal clear that CitiMortgage can retain every law firm in the state of Delaware with their wealth and power keeping these firm from being able to protect the victims of CitiMortgage predatory lending on all bases; such as race, disability, education and income.
I have read your Fraud Press Conference report regarding the Foreclosure Rescue Scams and Loan Modification dated Monday, April 6, 2009 and my situation fits in line with your report.
The complaint further alleges that the defendants discriminated on the basis of marital status by encouraging non-applicant spouses to forfeit their property rights as part of their spouse obtaining a loan.
Additionally; the report written by Consumer Affairs dated September 9, 2002 regarding Citigroup Settles Predatory Lending Charges for $215 Million also Citigroup Bankrupting Democracy.
Predatory Associates Citigroup, Predatory Lending and the Credit Crunch for the poor and working class; written by Jake Lewis, who is a banking specialist at the Center for the Study of Responsive Law; From: THE MULTINATIONAL MONITOR Dated April 2002- Volume 23- Number 4; Regardless how many millions of dollars fines your office and others offices like the Federal trade commission settle for with Citi Mortgage; charging them with widespread abusive lending practices and violations of the Truth in Lending Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act; CitiMortgage continue there Predatory behavior and now with more tenacity then ever before.
I purchase my home with an attorney around December of 2000 using my credit only with Midland mortgage Company; my now ex wife refinance our home in 2005 with CitiMortgage who made me give up all of my wrights to my home in order for my ex- wife to retain the mortgage; with a credit score of 571 (This refinance should have never been approve) at that time; additionally, I was mentally ill and diagnosis as a Paranoid Schizophrenic; therefore; I did not know what was happening nor did I understand what I was being force to sign by CitiMortgage; when signing this Unconscionable Contract.
On March 18, 2013 me and my two sons whom I have sole custody of was granted full wrights to our home and the Family court granted me permission to change the deed into my name only and removed my ex-wife name from the deed; I did this with an attorney, Robinson Grayson & Ward; (address 910 Foulk Road Wilmington, Delaware 19803 suite 200) dated 16th day of April 2013 Quick claim Deed; however, when I tried to retain this law firm to help me with my case with CitiMortgage they refuse to have anything to do with the matter; how ever they did complete the quick claim deed.
As the record shows that I do not sign any documents regarding my home without an attorney; it also shows, that CitiMortgage is using their wealth in retaining any and all of the attorneys in the state of Delaware to keep their predatory scams alive; and preventing the victims of their deception and fraud from receiving any help or relief from the Court system or any of the foreclosure prevention help assistance departments that the US Government has put in place.
I have never refuse to pay the mortgage on my home until CitiMortgage refuse to provide me with information regarding this Mortgage; I have stayed in contact with CitiMortgage before this force foreclosure came about; by CitiMortgage; I put CitiMortgage on notice that my now ex- wife have abandon the home and continue making payments as for our imply agreement for 7 to 8 months; I have requested that CitiMortgage do a forensic audit on this loan but they refuse to communicate with me or answer any of my questions; however they had no problems taking my mortgage payments after being put on notice; CitiMortgage force my home into foreclosure by not communicating with me and refusing to answer any of my letters even with payment of the mortgage attach.
We are now in The Superior Court of the State Of Delaware Case No.: N13L-02-021 MJB next schedule hearing is for Friday December 6, 2013 at 8:30 am; were I filed a Motion to dismiss this unnecessary and avoidable foreclosure.
Tax Parcel No. 06-070.00-109 Mortgage Instr. 20050504-0042175 Assignment 20051025-0108814
CitiMortgage are attempting to steal my home from me and my two sons and because of my disability and because I can not afford an attorney at this time I am fearful that they will foreclose on my home even though the Judge is fair she must follow the Court rules and CitiMortgage knows that since I do not have representation it is only a matter of time before they take my home from me and my sons; It is well known that what CitiMortgage wants they get; as they will use their wealth and their power to run over the average citizen like myself and many others people of this United States of America.
I have done everything you can thank of to prevent the loss of our home except for shooting myself in the head, I even offered to make more good faith payments until we could work something out; additionally, all of my letters and emails to CitiMortgage attorneys stated that this was an attempt to settle a debt; but CitiMortgage did not want to settle the debt with me; they want to steal the property from me therefore they force the home into foreclosure by refusing to communicate with me and then filed untrue documents against me in the Superior Court Of the State Of Delaware henceforth the foreclosure; a threat against me and my sons; because I am disable, I am a Black Man, and my education is limited; although, my credit scores is about 640 or above CitiMortgage still refuse to give me a Mortgage or state why they refuse to give me a mortgage as is my right to no why I was not approve for a mortgage on my home; nor will they settle this matter as the Superior Court Judge M. Jane Brady, encourage both side to do twice; in steed CitiMortgage added in more usury charges adding an additional $83,490.00 more for my home that I purchase for $134,000.00
Therefore making it impossible for this disable helpless defendant to refinance the home with any mortgage provider; the usury charges comes from adding additional charges that was totally preventable because this defendant made every attempt to prevent this force foreclosure by CitiMortgage therefore there additional charge of $83,490.00 more is a crime and is attempted thief against this Defendant and his children.
Therefore’ I beg of you as a parent with children to investigate this case and place a freeze on this matter until your office has completed their investigation and later file additional criminal charges against CitiMortgage again; for their widespread abusive lending practices and violations of the Truth in Lending Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act; additionally I plead with you to call CitiMortgage on my and my sons behalf and help us enjoy more Thanksgiving’s in our home as payment of this mortgage was never a problem for this disable helpless defendant; but fraud and deception in addition to predatory lending is our problem and it is at our front door.
"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."
- Thomas Jefferson
Thank you.

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