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perp_walk_meme1.pngAttorney General Eric Holder is in high-level negotiations with JPMorganChase over their actions that contributed to the destruction of our economy and the taking of our homes and wealth. If these fast-moving negotiations are going to end satisfactorily, we need to keep the pressure on. Can you call the Department of Justice and demand they insist on prosecutions and substantial assistance for struggling homeowners as part of the deal?

Phone number for DOJ: 202-353-1555 (the voicemail which may be clogged due to your calls and the shutdown stopping anyone from checking it)

Sample script:

My name is _____________ and I’m calling about the negotiations between the DOJ and JPMorganChase related to Chase’s practices with Mortgage Backed Securities that helped destroy our economy. Any deal made with Chase must include prosecutions for Wall Street criminals and substantial assistance for struggling homeowners affected by the Great Recession. Thank you. (If you have a story about dealing with Chase or other Wall Street bankers, feel free to talk about that as well.)

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    I called and left a voice mail using the above script.
  • commented 2013-10-10 09:52:02 -0700
    Called & left a message about the crime of not prosecuting to the fullest. Those people need to fear losing their FREEDOM before they will begin to stop STEALING & ROBBING the American People !
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    Left the message on voicemail.
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    I made the call .I hope that some where the accountability steps in for the1% of the people who are responsible for this.My son lost his home due to this practice with countrywide. His family now resides here with us,all four children and my son.Countrywide now has sold hid home after months of us sending paperwork only to be told it wasnt recieved or your missing paperwork routine. sincerely, Ralph Konchar
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    Left voice-mail message.
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    LEFT A MESSAGE. Push harder on this and keep working the civil rights aspect too!
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    Left a message on their call line.
  • commented 2013-10-07 08:50:05 -0700
    I left a message that said its time to hold Chase accountable for their part in the decimation of the American Middle Class. We would be watching closely to see which side Holder came down on, Corporate lackeys or regular Americans.
  • commented 2013-10-06 19:01:24 -0700
    Call and got voice mail
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    I called and left message. I was angry but tried to follow the script. I went on to demand they hold all people accountable to the law. …Criminal prosecution of anyone who violates the law -from top bank executives, middle managers, and everyone in between. The law has to be applied equally to everyone, otherwise American society will decay. The banksters play the bait and switch with closing one entity and reorganizing another under a different name, continuing with the same corrupt practices. I demand no negotiations with Banks without significant restitution that actually is received by the homeowners and prosecution of the banksters.
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    Left a message about CHASE ruining my mother’s credit and mortgage in Union, NJ since taking over from Washington Mutual. First CHASE attached an ADDITIONAL home insurance policy, increased the escrow and MORE THAN DOUBLED THE MORTGAGE payment, from approx. $400 to almost $1,000!! CHASE FINALLY ADMITTED THEIR ERROR NEARLY A YEAR LATER, but they STILL haven’t reversed the LATE Fees or REDUCED the mortgage payment. Then CHASE paid my mother’s property taxes, even though she pays it herself. The 2012 1089 form in THEIR records shows she paid it herself! BUT CHASE STILL hasn’t reversed that escrow and mortgage increase! This is NOT an adjustable loan. THEY ARE DRIVING MY MOTHER CRAZY IN HER RETIREMENT. The balance is down to about $20K but CHASE is trying to raise it to some $60K!!!!!! PLEASE HELP CORRECT CHASE’S SLEAZY PRACTICES, WHICH SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!!
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    Call voice mail, left message
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