Has SIFMA really threatened to redline communities that dare adopt such a program?


Yes.  SIFMA has threatened to try to prevent loans made in our communities from being traded on the secondary market, making lending in our community more difficult. Our cities are taking action locally to fix the mess that Wall Street created, and now SIFMA, the trade association that represents these Wall Street institutions, is threatening to refuse loans from our community.  They peddled predatory loans to our communities and now they are trying to bully us out of helping our homeowners survive this crisis. The finance industry has a long history of drawing on this threat when they are opposing a new program or regulation.  When our local governments considered policies to curb predatory lending, we heard these threats.  Some states proceeded to pass laws prohibiting certain predatory lending practices, and the cost of credit in those states did not go up.  Too often, Wall Street’s threats succeeded in scaring elected officials, predatory lending went uncurbed, and we ended up with a devastating foreclosure crisis.

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