Homeowners, Advocates Holding National Day of Action Thursday to Demand Housing Justice

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Homeowners, Advocates Holding National Day of Action Thursday (D6) to Demand Housing Justice
Home defense actions, Occupations and victory events planned to mark the first anniversary of Occupy Our Homes movement

December 6th marks the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Our Homes movement’s public launch, which uses a variety of tactics to help homeowners stay in their homes and press lenders and banks to reset their mortgages to fair market value. To mark the anniversary – and to demand action from the Obama Administration, states, and banks to help homeowners –Occupy Our Homes chapters, the Home Defenders League and community groups are planning a major national day of action Thursday to help underwater homeowners and families in foreclosure keep their homes.

Events are planned nationwide, including:

  • In Georgia, Occupy Homes Atlanta organizers will celebrate a victory by a family fighting eviction and then move a homeless family into a vacant home in a neighborhood where most homes sit empty.
  • In New Jersey, a coalition of community groups, homeowners and clergy will hold a vigil outside of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s home in remembrance of those who have lost their homes to foreclosure and demand release of already-promised foreclosure relief.
  • In California, members of ACCE and the Home Defenders League hold actions in five cities to launch a campaign demanding that Wells Fargo bank reduce principal on underwater mortgages and comply fully with the national Attorney General settlement.
  • In North Carolina, Action NC and the Home Defenders League will hold a housewarming party to celebrate the averted foreclosure of the Sanchez family, whose home was saved after a public campaign against Bank of America.
  • In Florida, community members will rally and testify at an Orlando public hearing to highlight the need for the “Hardest Hit Fund” to be used aggressively to help underwater homeowners.

These events mark an escalation of the Home Defenders League activities, which post-election is scaling up its efforts to demand action on the ongoing housing crisis.

“We’re outraged by the numbers in the recent progress report on the multi-state Attorneys General settlement showing more than twice as many short sales, which put people out of their homes, as affordable modifications, that keep people in their homes. We not rest until the big banks implement a meaningful principal reduction program, which is what we need to fix the economy, not just the housing crisis,” said Rose Gudiel, a spokesperson for ACCE and the Home Defenders League, who won her home back after an intensive campaign directed at Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae.

Other events are planned in additional cities. In Minnesota, Occupy Homes MN will rally at the home of Bobby Hull, a US Marine who made international news by fighting for his home and winning and then march to a vacant home in the neighborhood to move in a family of another veteran made homeless by foreclosure.

In the past year, public campaigns by groups including Occupy Our Homes, and community groups associated with the Home Defenders League (including ACCE and City Life/Vida Urbana) have helped hundreds of families fight foreclosure in cities across the country.

“For my family, facing foreclosure was like running into a dead end, but working with Occupy for the last year showed us that somewhere down the line there is room to turn around,” said Carmen Pittman, whose home was saved after a campaign by Occupy Our Homes Atlanta. “Until the banks start putting people before profit, I am dedicating my life to this fight, and spreading the amazing feeling of fighting back and winning.”

Interviews are available with homeowners, advocates and housing policy experts.

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