Homeowners React to State of the Union, Obama's "Inadequate Refinancing"


Last night at watch parties across the country, underwater homeowners and housing advocates watched the State of the Union, hoping to hear from President Obama how his administration planned to help the hardest hit and keep Americans in their homes. Below are some quotes and reactions from several underwater homeowners, all of whom are members of the Home Defenders League.

David Johnson, Charlotte NC

“It has been a year since the settlement, and within that year my family has been within 30 days of not having a home to live in any longer. The President needs to focus on championing the interests of homeowners and standing up to the big banks that are not providing needed relief to my family and millions like us.”

Steve Bailey, Denver, Colorado

“In last year’s State of the Union speech, Obama promised accountability for the banks and relief for homeowners; tonight he’s still giving us neither. His refinancing program won’t help the hardest hit homeowners or make things right for families—including my own–that lost their homes to the banks’ predatory practices. The President needs to hold the banks accountable for the crimes they continue to commit against the American people. Until we all know that we are protected by our laws we will not feel safe in our homes and cannot afford to take the risks that are necessary to rebuild our economy.”

Jacqueline Barber, Atlanta Georgia

“It has been one year since the settlement, and one year, since they wrongfully sold my home. I have seen no relief and neither have most homeowners. The President should be telling the banks who gave him money that they need to do right by homeowners. Here in Georgia this is a crisis, and the President needs to see how this is impacting my community. In fact, I invite him to visit me and see what has taken my cancer out of remission.”

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