Homeowners to Risk Arrest at Justice Department to Demand Wall Street Accountability


Homeowners to Risk Arrest at Justice Department to Demand Wall Street Accountability

 “Bring Justice to Justice” demands relief from foreclosure crisis, objects to AG Holder’s declaration that banks are too big to jail


Washington DC – On Monday, May 20th, hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure and housing rights activists from across the country will rally outside of the United States Department of Justice to demand Attorney General Holder hold the Wall Street Banks that ravaged America’s economy accountable. Dozens of struggling homeowners are prepared to risk arrest in non-violent civil disobedience or set up an ongoing occupation outside the Department of Justice until demands for Wall Street accountability and relief for their communities are addressed.


The rally will begin at Freedom Plaza at 1:45pm on May 20th. Activists will march to the Department of Justice at 2:00pm.

Who: Homeowners fighting foreclosure, activist, Home Defenders League & Occupy Homes


What: “Bring Justice to Justice Rally” and potential civil disobedience outside of the U.S. Dept. of Justice


When: 1:45pm: Freedom Plaza; 2:00pm: US Dept. of Justice


Where: Activists will march from Freedom Plaza (14th and K St, NW) to the US Dept. of Justice (950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20530)


Visuals: Homeowners with signs, “pop-up tents” banners engaging in potential civil disobedience; and/or Occupy-style tent encampment at Department of Justice.


Monday’s protest is a sign of rising anger at Wall Street bankers who have gone unpunished, and the continuing lack of adequate relief to struggling homeowners and communities. Following Attorney General Holder’s assertion that some financial institutions are too big to jail, more than 330,000 Americans have signed a petition circulated by the Campaign for a Fair Settlement and others calling on President Obama to repudiate Holder’s remarks.


Organizers of the “Bring Justice to Justice Rally” sent a letter to Attorney General Holder this week requesting a meeting to outline their dismay over the failure of the Obama administration to prosecute Wall Street banks for crimes that caused the financial crisis or deliver effective relief to homeowners battling the ongoing foreclosure crisis. Stories of homeowners fighting foreclosure and a petition to President Obama are collected at “100 Stories of What Wall Street Broke” blog. The costs of the ongoing foreclosure crisis and its effect on racial disparities are documented in a new report, “Wasted Wealth.”


The Home Defenders League is a national organization fighting against foreclosures and for a just resolution to the mortgage crisis including the mass principal reduction for underwater homeowners. The League includes 24 community-based affiliates, Occupy Homes groups, and organizing networks including the Alliance for a Just Society and Right to the City Alliance and thousands of member families across the country.



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