Local Principal Reduction

Since Wall Street criminals destroyed our economy using predatory lending and other unscrupulous actions, at least 9 million families have lost their homes to foreclosures and Americans have lost 40% of our average household wealth.

This crisis demands immediate action. With the Administration and Congress unwilling to demand accountability from the Wall Street criminals who stole our houses, wealth and secure futures, the Home Defenders League is moving forward along with civic leaders and local elected officials who understand the need for bold action. The Rebuilding Community Wealth campaign is how we will take local action to reset morgages, preserve homeownership, and rebuild local economies. 

Join in! For more information you can contact the Community Wealth Campaign Coordinator, Amy Schur at aschur@calorganize.org.


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  • commented 2015-10-19 08:21:27 -0700
    The President and Congress will not do anything to stop Wallstreet. CIT /One west merger was approved despite the objections of so many people. George Soros, part owner of One West is President Obama buddy so he has to be paid back big time. ALL OTHER POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT!