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Marty and Jill Monson, Metro St. Louis, MO

Marty and Jill Monson, Metro St. Louis, MO

Status: Full victory

Victory Details: A loan modification from CitiMortgage which will allow them to keep their home permanently.

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Marty and Jill Monson live in the St. Louis metro area. They were deeply affected by the Great Recession caused by Wall Street criminals. In 2008, Marty lost his job, just like millions of us. For the first time in 22 years the Monsons missed a mortgage payment. In 2009, Marty had a stroke and in 2011 he had a heart attack, requiring quadruple bypass surgery. And in 2012 Jill lost her job too, leaving the couple to live solely on Marty’s disability check. Finally, CitiMortgage instituted foreclosure proceedings despite also supposedly considering the family for a loan modification. (Read more after the flip.)

However, Marty and Jill are fighters and survivors. They didn’t give in. Instead they fought back. In December 2013, they started a campaign on the Occupy Our Homes website and OOH organizers helped connect them to Missourians Organized for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), a St. Louis-based organization fighting for families and communities (and a member of the Home Defenders League).

With support from MORE and OOH, the Monsons worked hard to get supporters to sign their petition to CitiMortgage for a loan modification and then asked their petition-signers to join a call-in day to the CitiMortgage executives. With nearly 500 signers, the Monsons were able to generate dozens of calls just two days before Christmas, tying up the phones with requests to stop the foreclosure and keep the couple in their home.

With an in-person petition delivery scheduled for January 3rd, 2014, CitiMortgage called on the morning of the delivery and offered a loan modification the Monsons could afford. They kept CitiMortgage from stealing their home and have a mortgage they can afford, which will keep them in their home permanently.

The campaign also caught the eye of US Senator Claire McCaskill, who is going to launch a Congressional inquiry into “dual tracking”, which is the illegal practice of having a loan modification in process while starting foreclosure proceedings.

You can also fight to keep your home from being stolen by Wall Street criminals. Click here to launch a campaign the same way the Monsons did.