Mildred Obi - Stone Mountain, GA

Status: Full Victory

Victory Details: A deal with Bank of America that allows Ms. Obi to retake title to her home in the wake of moving back in after a foreclosure eviction.

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On March 18, 2013, Mildred Obi-Garrison, joined by Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, as well as dozens of supporters and community members, moved back into her home in an act of civil disobedience. Mildred had been evicted from her home in Stone Mountain, Georgia by Bank of America in November 2012, despite years of fighting in the courts. After securing her property back from the bank, supporters from OOH Atlanta set up a 24-hour eviction defense at the home to fend off any possible eviction attempts by the police, and mounted a public pressure campaign against Bank of America, the servicer who had carried out the foreclosure and eviction.

With a campaign launched on the Occupy Our Homes website and backed by local OOH Atlanta members as well as national help from the Home Defenders League, Ms. Obi fought tirelessly to win back her own home while also fighting for national solutions to the illegal foreclosures being carried out by Wall Street criminals on a daily basis. (More after the flip.)

In addition to the eviction defense, Ms. Obi’s campaign included gathering almost 2000 signatures, several call-in days to Bank of America headquarters, and a sit-in at a local Bank of America branch. This pressure brought the bank to the negotiation table and over the course of several months, they were able to hammer out a permanent solution in August 2013 that keeps Ms. Obi in her home.

During the fight and negotiations, Ms. Obi participated in a Week of Action co-sponsored by OOH and Home Defenders League at the Department of Justice in May 2013 calling for an end to Too Big to Jail. Ms. Obi was arrested blocking the doors of the Wall Street law firm of Covington Burling, which employs many Department of Justice lawyers who go there to defend Wall Street banks after they end their DOJ employment. She was there to stop the “revolving door” between the DOJ and Wall Street. Those actions have been credited with pushing the DOJ to aggressively pursue new settlements with Wall Street criminals.

If you or someone you know wants to stay in their home or keep it from being stolen from them, they can start their own fight here:

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