Saint Louis Homeowner says “Show me the Money” to JP Morgan

Today Saint Louis homeowner Debbie Frazin delivered thousands of petition signatures to US Attorney Richard Callahan demanding greater oversight and accountability for settlements the Justice Department is reportedly negotiating with big banks. 

Specifically, homeowners and community members want Callahan to pressure JPMorgan Chase to use the $4 billion specifically designated for homeowner relief of the company’s $13 billion settlement with the Department of Justice in 2013. Despite the historic nature of this fine, JP Morgan Chase still made billions in profit in 2013 alone. Months later, they still have not provided any of the $4 billion designated to relieve struggling homeowners. It was the banks' criminal activity which lead to the housing crash, and the subsequent recession, and now homeowners are the ones suffering. 

The Justice Department hasn't adequately held JP Morgan Chase accountable for their actions, yet US Marshals are detaining citizens for taking a stand. When St. Louis community members and homeowners entered to peacefully deliver the petitions and request a meeting with the local US Attorney, they were met by a swarm of U.S. Marshals. Despite the peaceful nature and intentions of the group, members of it faced intimidation and detainment. Debbie is still awaiting the opportunity to meet with the US Attorney in the hopes of receiving a small portion of the $4 billion designated for homeowner relief to save her home of 17 years. 

This petition delivery was one of many happening in cities around the country in solidarity with Home Defenders League. During a similar action on July 8th, a member of Occupy Our Homes ATL faced physical assault at the hands of Federal Marshals. Despite the nonviolent nature and actions of the members of Occupy Our Homes, all members were threatened and intimidated, and one was kicked, hit, and thrown to the ground.

The Justice Department must stop harassing peaceful community members and instead step up to ensure that JP Morgan follows through with their $4 billion designated for homeowner relief. 

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