After over a year and a half of looking and wondering if I could even buy a house I had a house built by a nationwide home builder.  Being the first time i had ever done this I was very concerned about additional costs of ownership.  I was serviced by Countrywide Home Loans.  They suggested esgrow and the contract stated that the total cost of monthly payments including taxes would be $1,038.00 a month.  the contract also stated on the first page that the taxes were based on the homes in the same area of the approximate same value over the last four years.  i closed on the house thinking it was pretty cut and dry, but pretty nieve as well.  A couple years later I was notified that I was seriously delinquent on the loan and the taxes.  What had happened is that in order to convince me that i could afford the house they based the taxes on the lot before the house was built, not on homes in the same area of the same approx. value. Hours and hours on the phone did absolutely nothing,  and they told me in order to keep the home i would have to pay thirteen thousand something to bring the loan current.  then the payments would be $1,330.00 a month.  I closed a 401K i had at work and gave them almost my entire saving i had.  Several months later they stated they had made a mistake and I still owed $6,000.00.  This forced me into bankruptcy.  I wish I would never had bought the house, and then just let them take it the first time.  After 4 years I had paid almost $60,000.00 to keep a house that the loan was $130,000.00 on.  I still live in the house because I am 50 years old and think if I give it up I will never own another house,  besides having my life savings and lawyers fees and bankruptcy tied up in it as well.  

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