No home left behind

   My family was devastated when Wells Fargo illegally foreclosed on our home. When the economic down turn hit my husband lost his job and became very ill. I worked sometimes 12 hours a day just to try to pay the mortgage plus drive 50 miles per day to work. My two adult children had to quit college and work full time to help me keep up with the living expenses.. When we became 2 payments behind on the mortgage, I asked for help only to be turned down by the lender.  Then I called a non profit mortgage help advisor and they were able to keep us in the home for one year. When I filed for bankruptcy, I was told they would not foreclose on the home. I contacted Wells Fargo to inform them that my husband had a pension from his previous job he could cash out so we could become current for the delinquent amount. They refused saying even though the mortgage could become current my husband's job status had not changed. So they foreclosed and he received a job weeks later but we were homeless. My family was traumatized they didn't give us enough time to move out so we had to leave most of our belongings behind. The emotional  stress of losing a home  was enormous that lead to a bitter, emotionally draining divorce. Previously, having experienced a loss in the family was the circumstance to be able to buy the home only to suffer another loss of losing our home was painful for us all.

I would like the bank to consider if they would have not refused the funds to become current my children and I could still be in our home. I believe now the banks are doing everything possible to keep families in their homes.  Why couldn't they do that for me and my children?

 I need a home for me and my son like the one I lost or the down payment for another one so I can start over again to become  whole.  No one should have to suffer because the banks are fraudulent and unscrupulous. The following report is the Lender Fraud Detect Analysis Report I received from the litigation findings.

CAUSE OF ACTION                                   COUNTS                                        VIOLATIONS              HOEPA 15 U.S.C.1637,1632                         40                                            FEDERAL Breach of Fiduciary Duty                               40                                       STATE & FEDERAL Business & Profession Code 17200               40                                       STATE & FEDERAL Fraud/Deceit Civil Code 1572                         17                                       STATE & FEDERAL Failure to Produce Accounting Violation          24                                       STATE & FEDERAL Breech of Covenant/Fair Dealing                    39                                       STATE & FEDERAL Violation of Real Estate Procedure Act           36                                             FEDERAL Unconscionable Contract Violation                 40                                       STATE & FEDERAL Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress         2                                               FEDERAL Federal TILA Violation                                    36                                              FEDERAL Professional Negligence                                  1                                               FEDERAL Foreclosure Prevention Violation                      1                                                STATE

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  • commented 2014-06-13 17:15:53 -0700
    My story of Wells Fargo is above…i feel your pain…I want to stand up to Wells Fargo and am searching for a fearless lawyer who will help.
    God Bless you and yours
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