Why The League - Home Defenders League

Why The League

The Home Defenders League is a national organization of underwater homeowners, homeowners at risk of foreclosure and their allies. Its members fight to hold Wall Street accountable and defend their homes from unfair foreclosure evictions and their homes’ value from the continuing Great Recession triggered by Wall Street.

Since Wall Street crashed the economy in 2008 by gambling with our homes, we’ve experienced three years of broken promises from big banks and failed assistance efforts from the Federal government while millions of us have faced illegal and fraudulent foreclosures.  There are 12 million families like us who are underwater – one quarter of all homeowners in the entire country – and owe more to the bank than their home is worth. There are large concentrations of us in five states (AZ, CA, FL, MI, and NV), but we and the affected communities in which we live are in every part of this country, rural and urban, north, south, east, and west.   And while we have struggled to make ends meet, the corporations responsible for the economic meltdown took trillions in publically-funded bailouts. The Home Defenders League is dedicated to fighting to hold Wall Street accountable and win reasonable relief for homeowners, our families, and our communities.