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Marty and Jill Monson, Metro St. Louis, MO

Marty and Jill Monson, Metro St. Louis, MO POSTED BY NATHAN HENDERSON-JAMES 394SC ON JANUARY 27, 2014 Status: Full victory Victory Details: A loan modification from CitiMortgage which will allow them to keep their home permanently. Full story Marty and Jill Monson live in the St. Louis metro area. They were deeply affected by the Great Recession caused by Wall […]

Home Defenders Take Action Against Wells Fargo In Support of 86 Year Old Grandmother Facing Foreclosure

Home Defenders Take Action Against Wells Fargo In Support of 86 Year Old Grandmother Facing Foreclosure POSTED BY SHABNAM BASHIRI 96SC ON FEBRUARY 21, 2014 On Wednesday February 19, Home Defenders League members delivered petitions signed by over 2,000 people to Wells Fargo branches around the country, urging the bank not to foreclose on Lavinia Curry, an 86 […]

NY Times: What Housing Recovery?

NY Times: What Housing Recovery? POSTED BY KEVIN WHELAN 373.80SC ON MAY 09, 2014 The Friday, May 9 edition of the New York Times has a powerful Op-Ed from Occidental College professor Peter Drier, the co-author of a new study released yesterday (see press release here) showing that for many people, especially those hardest hit – moderate-income households, and African-Americans and Latinos […]

Why The League

The Home Defenders League is a national organization of underwater homeowners, homeowners at risk of foreclosure and their allies. Its members fight to hold Wall Street accountable and defend their homes from unfair foreclosure evictions and their homes’ value from the continuing Great Recession triggered by Wall Street. Since Wall Street crashed the economy in […]

Save Local Principal Reduction

Don’t block a local foreclosure fix. Oppose T-HUD bill, Section 233.   I am writing to you to ask you to vote no on the T-HUD funding bill and speak out against Section 233, that bans the Federal Housing Administration from backing any mortgages that were refinanced via the eminent domain process. This provision, in […]

DOJ: Stop Wall Street Building

DOJ: Stop Wall Street bullying We knew the big banks would play dirty in their fight against Richmond’s plan to stop the wave of foreclosures decimating our city’s communities. But we didn’t know they would stoop this low. Please sign the petition below to tell the bullies they won’t win. To Attorney General Eric Holder: Please […]

Unlocking Community Wealth with LPR

Help us launch the next set of Local Principal Reduction campaigns POSTED BY NATHAN HENDERSTON-JAMES · FEBRUARY 13, 2014 12:35 PM Last year, thanks in part to petitions signed and delivered and phone calls made by Home Defenders, one city, Richmond, California, stood up to Wall Street bankers and created their own program for taking on the […]

Local Principal Reduction Background

Local Principal Reduction Background Using eminent domain as a tool for resetting mortgages, preserving homeownership, and aiding local economies The housing crisis continues to devastate families, communities, and our economy. At least 9 million families have lost their homes to foreclosures and Americans have lost 40% of their average household wealth. Help for struggling homeowners […]

Local Principal Reduction FAQ

Local Principal Reduction FAQ Is this a legal use of the eminent domain law? A: Yes, we believe it is. While this will definitely be raised by the Wall Street interests, numerous legal experts are confident of its legality and there is precedent for using eminent domain for similar purposes and in a similar manner […]